Thursday, June 17, 2010

Unique Opportunity: House for Sale in San Ramon, Costa Rica

Moving to a foreign country can be a daunting experience. Rather than an exercise solely in price and value, there are many other issues to creating a successful and happy life ... after the purchase. We have a house for sale in La Paz, outside San Ramon that is all set up for a new owner to enjoy Costa Rica and move smoothly into life in another country and culture with no hassles. We are offering OUR very special, San Ramon home for sale.

After 8 years in San Ramon, Costa Rica ... we are integrated into the local scene as few foreigners are. While many ex-pats flocked to the beach, we found that living in the mountain town of San Ramon a far better alternative. It has milder weather, real Costa Rican culture, a hospital and university and is just 45 minutes from the international airport and an hour from the Pacific Ocean.

We bought this home, Quinta Mama, from an 80-year-old Tica who connected with Janet over the gardens and peaceful porch sitting. In the past two years, the house has been totally renovated to highlight it's charm yet upgrade with new plumbing, electric, hot water, finished ceilings, two new bathrooms, and many finishing decorative touches. This is no easy task in a very different culture, but Janet's experience as an architect and preservationist and my relationships with contractors, neighbors and building supply stores made for a smooth and successful upgrade.

The house is located in La Paz about 20 minutes on a paved road from San Ramon, yet offers a rural lifestyle and environment from another era. The friendliness and slow pace of life in La Paz is unique in a rapidly changing world. Our neighbors use oxen to transport their sugar cane and their life revolves around their family and community. A few other ex-pats have joined us here over the last few years attracted to the natural beauty and quiet lifestyle. It is also an area where a number of Costa Rican professionals have simple weekend homes.

La Paz is one of the more pristine places in the world. About a mile past our house, the road ends for vehicles at the river crossing and horses are needed to continue. At this point, it is all nature with reserves and conservation land stretching all the way to Arenal, Monteverde and Santa Elena. The air and water are as pure as it gets and the area is a haven for birds and butterflies. The house itself is on the route of the Quetzal and the numerous flowering shrubs and trees provide refuge to other rare birds who make our land their home.

Our land is totally organic and bursting with fruit trees, vegetables and flowering shrubs. The half acre plot is all accessible and can feed many families. As a guy originally from NYC, it's been ironic eating all this amazing food from just outside my house ... year round. I love taking hikes in these hills and there is easy swimming and fishing in the river.

Of course the most important thing in owning a home in Costa Rica is the neighbors. We have been accepted as part of the community. Everybody in La Paz knows us by name and always has time to say hi and smile as they pass. The kids come by and practice their English and eat bananas. I have learned how to make fresh tortillas and empanandas with the Arias family from corn grown on our land.

Our neighbors also take care of our house when we are gone. The gardens are tended and the house is safe and clean. This is the real Costa Rica which is getting harder to find as development transforms the country.

Due to some family health issues, we need to sell our home at this time. The price of $88,000 includes everything; just bring a suitcase. Taxes are $25 a year and electric, phone and water bills are each $5-10 a month.

We are ready to help the next owners enjoy this very special place and make it their own. For more photos and info go to